NIKKY HARRADINE [S.R.A - U.K Trained Squash Coach]
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Nikky played in both the “Ladies League” and “Open Ladies Tournaments” held throughout the UAE and had won it many times.


But that was not enough for her so she decided to join the Men’s league and has played in it ever since. Nikky also became captain of the Men’s teams in the Dubai leagues and had many winning teams through the years.


Nikky took her game onto the international scene representing Cyprus in the European Small Nations Squash Tournament for five years.


Winner 1994 in Monaco
Winner 1995 in Liechtenstein
Winner 1996 in Hungary
Runner Up 1997 in Cyprus
Runner Up 1998 in Luxembourg


Furthering her career the first ever Dubai Junior and Teenage Squash Tournament were held in December 1991 and were organized by Nikky Harradine. It was so popular she decided to continue the Junior Tournaments through the years with age groups ranging from 8-18 years.


Nikky presently coaches fifteen local ladies and most of them actually play in the ladies league. She tries to encourage women and their daughters because it’s a great exercise for them mentally and physically which helps them to study and work better in their daily lives.


Nikky is currently the Captain of three Men’s teams at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Sports Pavilion”, you would think she has enough on her plate.

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