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• Each player is scheduled, on a weekly basis, to play the other players in their group once during the season.


• Matches are to be arranged at the mutual convenience of both players.


• Both players are equally responsible for arranging their matches.


• The first player listed on the fixture may choose the venue.


• Both players are responsible to phone or fax in the results to their division co-ordinator immediately following the match.


• Matches that cannot be played during their scheduled week may be rearranged. If the match remains unplayed at the end of the season, the player originally available will receive a walkover.


• A rest period of 90 sec. is allowed between games. If the match goes to the fifth game a 2 min. break is allowed before the fifth game.


• Coaching is only allowed between game, not during a game.


• No player is allowed to leave the court during a game, unless it’s an emergency.


PLEASE NOTE: Matches should be played on the scheduled week as per the fixtures and not on the last two weeks of the season, as this could result in both players loosing points, but this will be decided at the discretion of the organisers.


• Matches are best-of-five games (the first player to win three games); American scoring to 15 points (set 1 or 3 points at 14-14; the receiver, not the server has the choice of 1 or 3 points). Set (1) means to 15. Set (3) means to 17. (e.g. 15-14, 17-14, 17-15, 17-16).


• Each player receives one point per game won.


• The player who wins the match receives 1 bonus point. Match scores will be 4-0; 4-1; 4-2.


• Matches must be scored by the players only, unless both players agree that someone from the outside is scoring the match.


• The person serving must say the score aloud before serving and the receiver must acknowledge it so there is no dispute afterwards.





• 24 hours notice of cancellation of a confirmed date must be given. Any player who receives less than this may claim a walkover if she so wishes.


• A walkover may also be claimed if player has not arrived within 20 minutes of a scheduled match’s start time.


• Any player giving up more than 2 walkovers will be withdrawn from the league and all her results will be voided. Any player withdrawn two seasons in a row will be barred for the next season.


• At the end of each season, points for and against are tallied. The three top players will receive prizes.


• Winners are determined by the highest number of points won. If there is a draw within a division, the player with the least number of points against, will be the winner. If a draw remains then the player who defeated the other during the season will be declared the winner.


• Generally the top finisher’s 1st and 2nd place in each division will be advanced to the next highest division at the start of the following season.


• A player may be advanced more than one division at the organizer’s discretion.


• In Premier Division only, any player winning three times consecutively may be asked to resign from the league.

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