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• Players must submit their completed registration forms no later than the date designated by the CSCUAESRA.


• All Players must be female residents of Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi and must hold a valid visa.


• Players who have not previously played in the league must play two matches with a registered players in order to determine their standard.


• Registrations after the start of the season will be permitted at the discretion of the organizer only if:


- a bye pre-exists in an appropriate division.

- a bye is created early in the season by another player withdrawing from the league.


• The registration fee AED 60 must be paid no later than the league commencement date.


• The registration fee may be dropped off at Nikky’s residence,the Jumeirah Beach Hotel -Talise Reception or Emirates Golf Club – Fitlab Reception, with the exact amount of 60 Dhs in an envelope with your name on it and for Nikky’s attention.


• A fee levied at the start of each season is payable to the league organizer no later than the starting date of the season.


• A 1-point penalty will be deducted for each week payment is late.


• Non-payment will result in the players point’s being voided and the player will be barred from rejoining the league until payment is made.


• Payment is non-refundable after the start of the season.


• A T-shirt is provided by the sponsors and should be worn for all league matches.


• Please download the Registration Form [PDF] and fax the completed form to Nikky Harradine at 04 26 93 655 or E-mail to /


• For clarifications contact Nikky Harradine at 050 45 07 762 or Sonja Weber at 050 20 41 243.

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