FIXTURES Winter League 2019 (21 January - 24 March 2019)

Premier Division







































































1. Andrea Wilkins
2. Diana Jarmalaite
3. Muqaddas Javed
4. Marleen Stubbe
5. Irene Proimos
6. Linzi Kemp
7. Nouha Fokeladeh
8. Sandra Albinson

Division 1  

1. Riya Ananthanpillai
2. Samia Tahlak
3. Khawla Sale Aidhebaiei
4. Akanksha Bhat
5. Maysoon Abdelmajeed
6. Emma Ashton
7. Anastasia Maltseva
8. Nadeen Aujan


Division 2


1. Rehnaz Karanjia
2. Maryam Khoory
3. Nazpari Azari
4. Rhea Karanjia
5. Rana Toukan
6. Parul Mehta
7. Di Yang
8. Noof Al Mohammedi
9. Muneeza Jaffer
10. Delfina Cortese

Division 3  

1. Jacqueline Ferguson
2. Halima Alhammadi
3. Fatma Al Qassimi
4. Kayo Kano
5. Noha El Hosari
6. Samah Al Qaisi
7. Abir Deesi
8. Arwa Abdulla Saqer
9. Maryam Alzarooni
10. Fatma Taher
11. Shahad Al Mutawa


- Please read the sheet with rules and regulations attached to this fixture, and please abide by them.

(This is called sportsmanship in our case “sportswoman ship).


- It should be a friendly league and if both players really disagree with each other, do not get anybody else involved (no family, no friends, no coach) if you are big enough to play league squash then you both have to agree to take a let, that means to repeat it again, and not waste anymore time.


- Please play your match in the scheduled week as per the fixture. There is nothing stopping you for playing more than one match in a week especially if you know you have other commitments later on.


- If for any reason this is not possible, please inform your co-ordinator the reason why and she will make a note of it for future reference, so that the committee can decide who gets the points if the match is not played by the end of the season. But it would be advisable to arrange it ASAP with both players agreeing to it.


- DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT leave matches for the last week of the season, especially as the rules do specify one match per week as scheduled. Also this could cause both players getting zero points if not played by the end of the season, and the final results will be unrealistic because every point counts.


Enjoy but please be correct. It’s a great work out, but it's not the Olympics.

Yours in sports



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