• 10 minutes allowed after starting time or liable to be disqualified

• 5 minutes to warm up with opponent

• 90 seconds interval between all games

• 15 seconds called before end of interval

• Players must return to court ready to resume play on call of “TIME”

• If late, liable to penalty

Let Allowed  

Ball Breaks: New ball warmed up by both players


Receiver Not Ready: Makes no attempt to hit ball


Ball Hits Object On Court: Referees should not allow players to leave anything on the court


Ball Goes Out Of Court


After First Bounce

Appeals for Let  

• Must appeal to referee


• Obstruction - appeal immediately

• Distraction

• Markers call or lack of call – appeal at end of rally


The ball must:


• Hit the front wall before it touches any other part of the court

• Hit the front wall between the ‘cut’ line and the out of court line

• Bounce if not volleyed in the opposite back quarter

• The server must stand with at least part of one foot inside and clear of the lines of the service box


Note: There is no appeal against Referees decision


FAQ: Players - Rules to be Aware of [PDF]


Self Inflicted:


• Play on or concede game

• Allow normal interval between games


Mutual fault:


• Allow time to recover - game starts from same score

• If next day may match way be started again if both players agree


Dangerous Play:


• Player hit by opponent and injury caused through extreme dangerous

• Play - disqualification of player inflicting injury

Court Conduct  

Referee may impose the following:


• Conduct Warning

• Conduct Stroke

• Conduct Game

• Conduct Match


Note: Referee may impose any level of penalty (dependent on severity of offence) without necessarily giving previous warning

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