The Role

















































• Check player’s clothing

• Check conditions of court and ball

• Timekeeper

• Ensure knock up is fair

• Ensure each rally reaches fair conclusion

• Answer appeals (speak to player but undesirable and unnecessary to get into lengthy discussion)

• Check markers calls

• Record score


• Good eyesight. Clear voice. Correct calls

• Watch with second hand. Spare ball. Spare pen

• Sound knowledge of the rules




• Dangerous play

• Used when certain markers call or lack of call is wrong

• Should allow play to continue unless certain but note a doubtful decision and expect players to appeal at the end of the rally


Time: At end of warm up/interval between games


15 Seconds: Warns players to return to court


Yes Let: Referee may give warning, award stroke, game or


No Let: match in extreme cases of dangerous play, time




• wasting or appalling behavour

• Conduct warning, stroke, game or match

• Referee should not interfere except to prevent certain injury




• Striker should have:

• fair view of the ball

• clear run to the ball

• freedom to swing

• freedom to play shot of choice


Note: swing must be safe and not excessive


FAQ:Referee’s line of thinking before making a decision on Interference [PDF]

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