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Advanced skills developed in structured plays to enable students to perform in the context of the assessment.


• Grips and their uses

Basic Shots   • The forehand and backhand drives
• Grip
• Swing
• Racquet head up
• Follow through
The Service  

• Forehand lob (floating service)
• Forehand hard hit service
• Backhand service
• Return of service

• Attacking and defensive shots (forehand and backhand): the volleyball; the boast; the drop shot; the lob.


Fundamentals of movement:


• Watching
• Footwork
• Balance
• Readiness
• Returning to the ‘T’
• Anticipation
• Deception

Advanced Skills  

Application of advanced skills in a structured game situation providing the basis for the assessment of the individual student.


• Stroke restriction and court restriction drills
• Structured rallies and plays

Tactics   • Use of side walls and angles to out-manoeuvre an opponent
• Width and length (switching)
• Anticipation
• Deception

Laws of the game and their application


• Knowledge of court layout and use
• Marking and refereeing

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