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Practical performance: Points out of ten for students taking GCSE in squash


9-10 Points


Good technique for all shots and correct grip. Excellent straight drives, both forehand and backhand, are played close to the sidewalls. Can “kill” the ball both straight and X court. Makes effective use of the boast to retrieve the ball from the back corners and thus regain control of the rally. Uses a variety of volleys to dominate the rally and move the other player around the court. Good effective serves are played to vary pace of game and allow the server to dominate the ‘T’. Varies serve and choice of shot depending on opponent’s weaknesses. Able to change the pace of the game by using the lob, drop and boast to out-manoeuvre opponent, giving time to recover or capitalize on opponent’s weaknesses. Able to wrong-foot opponent by using disguise. When playing an opponent of similar ability the student is content to play long rallies wearing down his/her opponent and waiting for right opportunity to play the winning shot. Makes very few unforced errors.


7-8 Points


Good grip and racket movement. Technically correct, low drives to both sides with good length and showing the ability to change the direction of the ball (playing a straight drive from a boast). Uses volley effectively though with some errors, in an attempt to dominate the ‘T’. Shows variety of serve to forehand and backhand with good length and weight, Makes effective use of the boast, drop shot and lob. Volleys played at appropriate times to speed up game or prevent ball reaching the back of the court. Brings disguise into game, especially when positioned at the front of the court. Exerts considerable influence on the game. Plays full range of shots with accuracy. Shows tactical awareness by creating a winning opportunity. Can vary the pace of the game according to the strength and weakness of the opponent.


5-6 Points


Grip is usually correct and effective. Able to rally continuously on either wing though some drives may lack distance and accuracy. Can use the boast to outwit opponent but is less successful when the ball is close to the back wall. May use volleys to maintain a rally, but success on the backhand side may be limited. Shows good variety of serves accurately placed with power. Lobs and drop shots may lack distance and control. Uses a variety of shots although still a measure of responding to opponent rather than creating/engineering opportunities. Pressure of game causes loss of accuracy. Displays some tactical awareness of use of the ‘T’.


3-4 Points


Able to play forehand and backhand drives with recognizable technique although the power and accuracy may be inconsistent, especially on the backhand side. Uses the boast but with limited effect. Volleys are attempted and some may work. Serve played to intended area though with some errors. Able to maintain rally but technique under pressure is poor. Has tendency to maintain rally by playing forehand shots (even when on backhand side of court). Stands correctly to receive serve, but placement of ball and subsequent movement is poor. Can score, but not sure of lets/strokes.


1-2 Points


Poor technique when playing either forehand or backhand drives. Shots lack power and often land in the middle of the court. Serves are erratic and student has difficulty in getting the ball land in the correct area. Unable to influence game. Makes very limited contribution with skills not in evidence during play. Understanding of tactics is poor. Is content just to get the ball back. Participation in game minimal. Only returns shots within reach. Needs guidance on where to stand in the court to serve/receive from. Has difficulty in maintaining a rally and returning serve, especially on backhand.


0 Points


Performance not worthy of credit.

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