Running training is new on the Agenda of Nikky Sports. Although it’s not new to Nikky who has competed in running races throughout the UAE and Switzerland.


Six years of competition gave Nikky all the experience she needed. From flat surfaces, hills, sandy terrain and cross country running.


Nikky started training with a friend who placed her in her first 5km race and with no surprise Nikky actually won it. Well, there was no stopping her from there. Nikky went on to win many races from 5km , 10km, 14km, half marathon and finally a marathon, which she did in three hours and thirty minutes, an achievement in itself.


Nikky’s fastest times are: 5km - 19 mins, 10km - 39.01mins, ½ marathon - 1 hr 27 mins. Dubai Road Runners Safa Park Predictor 1 lap (3.4 kms) - 12.53 mins, 2 laps (6.8 kms) - 27.28 mins. Pretty impressive!


Now Nikky wants to give that back to others, to help train them, motivate them and encourage them in every way.


It’s all in the mind, you have to focus and never give up. First target is to finish the race, second target is to get a good time, third target is to win it.


Nikky will always quote “One step at a time”.










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