Nikky Harradine's philosophy is to get fit, which is a big step towards keeping healthy.


I try to motivate people and build up their confidence with exercise. It does not matter at what level they are at, as long as they make the effort. Give One hundred percent and you will get results.


Every individual is different and they should know their own limits. The best person to know how far you can go is your own body, so listen to it.


I will encourage everyone and make them realize that any type of exercise is not only good for the body but also for the mind.


What’s the next step, “walk up them and down them” instead of using the lift.


Buy a skipping rope, it costs nothing. A great exercise for the arms and legs. Do one hundred skips a day and eventually one thousand skips and you will sweat out some body fat and have good stamina and fitness.















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