Nikky started the first fitness camp on the 9th June 2008 with a handful of squash players. Nikky was asked to offer her expertise in being fit and stronger for squash, so the answer was fitness camp as it’s an all round workout.


So, from there, runners and tennis players and people that were bored with the gym started enrolling to Nikky Sports Fitness Camp sessions.


Now, Nikky Sports have Juniors, Teenagers, Ladies and Men of all levels and abilities out for a challenge to get fit, loose weight and just feel good about themselves.


It is tough, it is fun, there is a great bunch of guys that are all in the same boat, ready to swim if they have to.


Nikky Sports Fitness Camps are held every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays at Safa Park (between Sheikh Zayed Road & Al Wasl Road) Gate No.5 in the Parking area.


What more do you need, outdoors in the fresh air, sometimes humidity, sometimes heat or cold to get those muscles working. Running on the grass, listening to the birds, seeing nature instead of being boxed inside an air conditioned gym.
















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