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"Your weight is a two sided equation; success is much easier when looking at both sides" ~ Nikky Harradine


Personal Training, the Natural Way! for Teenagers, Ladies and Men. NIKKY SPORTS cater for all sizes and shapes, all ages and fitness levels.


If you feel tired, stressed out, overweight, unfit and the thought of exercise makes you sweaty and afraid don't worry, our one-on-one personal trainer Nikky Harradine and her team can give you the best possible chance of success. Whether you are new to exercise or an experienced athlete we will find your level and progress you from there. All blocks of personal training include nutritional advice, helping you to make realistic changes from the start.


Training can be outdoor or indoor, but no machines nor gyms. We provide personal training that fits your lifestyle. Avoid the guilt, fear and embarrassment that a gym membership can involve.


NIKKY SPORTS help you to build up your confidence, through your body and your mind, using your own body weight, the healthy way. We provide complete body workout from head to toes. We will motivate you and encourage you in every way we can by getting you in to daily exercise routines, advice you on your daily eating habits and help you lead a Healthy & Happy Life.


To lose weight, tone up the muscles, loose inches, a good physique contact Nikky at 050 45 07 762 /

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