You love basketball, you want to be really REALY good at it and always searching for the best ways to improve your game?


What you need is a REAL basketball skill development program (and a strength program too!). You need real workouts that bring new challenges every day. You need to work on game situations. You need to have the right progression in your workouts. And you definitely NEED an intelligent program designed for you, not just a pdf or a DVD that shoves a bunch of drills in front of you with no plan or something that advises you to repeat doing same thing over and over again. You need a program that doesn’t OVERTRAIN you (overtraining is a real problem which causes fatigue, injuries, cuts down on your quickness and jumping ability, etc..).


At Nikky Sports Basketball camp we do basketball training, and we do it better. From basketball skill development to basketball strength training to the mental parts of the game. We are 100% dedicated to helping you become a great player.


It takes hard work to be good, It takes repetition to develop fundamental skills early on, it takes controlled practice to make these skills automatic, then it takes deliberate practice* at game intensity to master skills. In addition to this you need to develop your body’s strength, agility (quickness) and mobility to be able to get the most out of your skills (and remain injury free). But you do not have to have to be “born” with a ton of natural talent.























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